Once More…

This is the post excerpt.

I stopped writing long back and I am surprised how God helps you in bringing your old skills back. Hope that this gives hope!


Those unpleasant days, when everything around you starts crumbling down. You know what to do but your actions deceive you. You have been there and have been a winner with Daddy by your side. But then you are lost again.  You are far away from being that loving soul, that generous giver, that kind friend, that encouraging counsellor, that forgiver whose been the best she could. You are distant from these titles that once made you a proud Daddy’s daughter. You are trying hard but you keep on failing. You start questioning why this has to be so painful. Why don’t you recognise yourself anymore? Where did your patient heart wander? The questions don’t end neither the tears that remain your only friend.

But then just when you want the darkness in your room to remain still. You see the tiny moon light peep into your room, reminding you that there is always hope on the other side. That the sun will soon shine in full stride. That the new is still going to take over your wretched heart. ‘The renewal of your heart awaits.’ The fruits that it will bear in your spirit are still seeds that will break into a new life soon. You will have a new heart! A revived, pleasant, healed heart that would produce oodles of love. That love will reign as always, that darkness has to loose and find it’s grave, that Daddy’s daughter will smile again. She will radiate His love like before. Because He promised that He will do this for sure. You just need to ask Him once more!